PostConnex (นวัตกรรมเสาท่อเหล็กที่มีระบบจุดต่อซ่อนในพื้นคอนกรีต)


PostConnex: Elevate Your Multi-Story Building Projects with Superior Square Hollow Steel Columns, Innovating for RC Flat Slab and Post-Tensioned Flat Slab Systems.
Why Choose PostConnex?
1. Enhanced Income Potential: This innovation allows building owners to generate more income from rentable and salable spaces, thanks to the smaller-sized columns compared to traditional concrete columns. Maximize your investment potential and unlock greater returns with PostConnex.
2. Time-Saving Efficiency: With PostConnex, your multi-story building projects will reach completion faster than ever before. Our cleverly designed steel columns simplify installation, accelerating your project timelines and saving you valuable time and resources.
3. Proven Quality and Testing: PostConnex provides building owners with a worry-free experience. Our products are manufactured in factories, assembled on-site, and undergo thorough quality control inspections and laboratory testing. Rest assured that your projects will meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.
4. Sustainability in Construction: We take our commitment to the environment seriously. PostConnex is made from recycled materials and is fully recyclable itself. By choosing our steel columns, you contribute to a sustainable future for the construction industry.
5. Innovative Design: We’ve revolutionized the construction industry with our square hollow design. This unique configuration not only enhances load-bearing capacity but also reduces weight, optimizing construction efficiency without compromising on quality.
6. Certified and Patent Pending: PostConnex has been certified by the PCT unit of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) from a patent perspective. This recognition underscores our commitment to innovation and intellectual property protection.
7. Research and Publication: The research and studies conducted on PostConnex have been published in Thai, with plans for international journal publications. Our dedication to research and development ensures that you benefit from the latest advancements in construction technology.
We are currently seeking a pilot project of modest scale to serve as a pioneering initiative, with an approximate floor area of 5,000 square meters and no more than 7 floors. If you’re interested, please contact us through LINE or Facebook Inbox. We have prepared numerous benefits for this pioneering project, including design, calculation listings, typical detail preparation, cash discounts, and media production for promoting your project through various channels.

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